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Jari Love has pioneered fitness with her scientifically proven body transformation systems for decades. As the creator of the world renowned fitness brand Get RIPPED!®, she has made her career on helping others achieve their goals by transforming thousands of people get into amazing shape.

Along with this, she has been on countless TV and radio shows, authored a book, and is an internationally respected fitness personality.

Learn More About the Science Behind Get RIPPED!®

Get RIPPED!® is a science based and progressive fitness workout. It is based on five different difficulty levels that have specific goals.

Special attention has been given to lactic acid accumulation and recovery within the workout that fits the metabolic goal for each level. The methodology of this workout allows for continual adaptation, since each level has unique rest intervals, exercises, and overall volume of work. Through this structure of programming, Get RIPPED!® is applicable to both the entry-level and advanced participant.


Are you looking to boost your fitness credibility?

Get RIPPED!® Theory and 96-1 Foundation Certification Is Where You Should Start!

Get RIPPED!® is the critically acclaimed and best selling total body workout system designed to maximize fat loss, burn calories and sculpt lean muscle. Created by certified personal trainer and international fitness expert, Jari Love, in collaboration with a team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists; this high-rep, low weight workout program has been clinically proven to burn up to three times the calories of a traditional weight training program.

Benefits of Get RIPPED!® Certifications:

  • Create Sustainable Results
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Class Retention By Up To 20%*
  • Reduce Member Attrition By Over 30%*
  • Attract club members
  • Allow instructors to upsell personal training

*According to own independent research

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Jari is committed to her followers and works tirelessly to ensure the efficiency of both the workout plans and the certification program. She is always willing to connect with others to inspire new clients and mentor trainers. Here are a few ways to tune into the Jari Love world.