What is the Get RIPPED! program?

Get RIPPED! is the critically acclaimed and best selling total body workout system designed to maximize fat loss, burn calories and sculpt lean muscle. Created by certified personal trainer and fitness expert, Jari Love, in collaboration with a team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists, this high-rep, low weight work-out program has been clinically proven to burn up to three times the calories of a traditional weight training program. Accessible, modifiable, progressive and fun, each of the five phases of Get RIPPED! has been scientifically designed and evaluated, featuring only the safest and most effective lab-tested exercises. With a focus on compound exercises, the Get RIPPED! program incorporates free weights, weight bars, athletic steps and plyometric training.

Online, in the privacy of your home and on your own time. All you do is purchase the Get RIPPED! Certification. 

Included in the certification program are instructional videos, manuals, and Love Notes for the releases listed below. You will also receive four continuing education credits (CECs) once you pass the video submission.

  • Get RIPPED! 96-1
  • Get RIPPED! 96-2
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 4 CECs recognized by Canfitpro, AFLCA, AFAA, NASM

After learning the material, you are required to send a video of yourself teaching songs #3 and #6 from Get RIPPED! 96-2. Once received, our team will evaluate you based on your form, exercise explanations, and overall instructing experience. Please send your video by either Dropbox or Google Drive to getrippedjari@gmail.com.

It is highly recommended, but not mandatory, that you have either Canfitpro, AFAA, ACE certification or any other recognized fitness instructor training certification. Having those accreditations helps you to learn the material much easier.

That is up to you, but be sure that it’s your best performance. When you pass your evaluation, we will mail you your certificate. Next, you can send a copy of your certificate to Canfitpro, AFLCA, AFAA, NASM so that you can obtain four CECs. It’s that simple!

Once our team has evaluated your video, we will give you feedback by email and ask that you to re-submit the video when you are ready. Our goal is to help you succeed so we will give you tips on what to work on and improve for your next video submission.

No. You will be evaluated based on your video submission.

It lasts for one year starting from the date you are certified.

No. This is because Get RIPPED! 96-2 is a foundational phase and it has all the components that we are looking for when it comes time for evaluations.

You can purchase the music at www.musclemixes.com. These are instructional music tracks that include voice cues and sound effects to help you know where you are in the music, as well as help you stay on the beat and start on the phrase. The music is only $4.95 and it is strongly recommended that you use it because it’ll help you learn how to teach the releases effectively.

Yes you can. Not only that, you can use them in your bootcamp classes and private training.

Developed in 2002, the Get RIPPED! program is a periodized program that is still going strong because the science works. The variety within the program eliminates boredom and helps participants breakout of a weight loss plateaus. We encourage you to look at all the sample videos to get an idea of the different types of workouts that you could bring to your classes. We have spared no expense ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the Get RIPPED! Program as well as making it simple to learn and teach.

No. You can purchase all the releases with the exception of Get RIPPED! 96-1 and Get RIPPED! 96-2 as they are only available for instructors who want to get certified.

It is an instructional package to help you teach a Get RIPPED! class. For each release you’ll be provided with streaming video, downloadable program manuals and Love Notes, and you’ll have to access to purchase the corresponding music for $4.95 through Muscle Mixes. There are NO ongoing monthly fees. You may purchase one or more of the Get RIPPED! releases without having to be locked in to continuity fees.

However, you cannot say you are a certified Get RIPPED! Instructor.

You have the flexibility to pick and choose song tracks that will equal to the class time.

Love Notes are streamed video tips on how to teach the release effectively and educational information that would be helpful to you, as an instructor, and to your participants that attend your fitness classes. They are available with the certification package and the individual releases.

Upon completing your purchase, you’ll receive a receipt confirming your purchase and an email explaining how to access your member only material.

  • All of your materials are accessible online at jarilove.com.
  • You simply login to jarilove.com and click the member links contained in your email.
  • You will not be able access the member links (material) unless you are logged in at jarilove.com
  • The training videos are streamed and are accessible from any device that has internet access.
  • The downloads are best accessed from a desktop, laptop or tablet that allows you to save the downloads to the hard drive.  However, the material can be viewed from any device that provides accessibility to the downloads from the internet.
  • For Get RIPPED! certification purchases only, you will be required to submit a sample video of you teaching the material.  Your corresponding certification will be emailed to you upon satisfactory review by Jari Love staff of your submitted video.

The Get RIPPED! logo is a registered trademark in Canada and the United States. You have to be certified in order to use Get RIPPED! name. Once you are certified, you can use Get RIPPED! in Canada and the United States.

The training videos are streamed and are accessible from any device that has internet access. The downloaded material is best accessed from a desktop, laptop or tablet that allows you to save the download to the hard drive. However, the material can be viewed from any device that has access to the internet.

Here we go with some legalese… As part of a Get Ripped, Inc. (“GRI”) Instructor Certification and/or Instructor Training Program (“the Program”), you will be supplied by GRI and/or its agents certain information that GRI deems confidential and that constitutes GRI’s confidential, proprietary information (“Confidential Information”). As a condition of receiving the Confidential Information from GRI, you will agree to keep such information strictly confidential and not to directly or indirectly copy, reproduce, disseminate, disclose or exploit said information, or to cause any third parties to do so, in whole or in part, in any manner, form, or media now known or hereinafter devised, throughout the world. This includes all your materials, streamed videos, downloadable manuals, and Love Notes.

All sales for the Get RIPPED! Instructor Series and certification are final.