Alison Behie

PhD in Biological Anthropology & Get RIPPED! Certified Fitness Instructor

Fitness has always been part of Alison’s life and 3 years ago a friend introduced Alison to the Get RIPPED! workout program. She has been hooked ever since! As an Anthropology instructor at the University of Calgary, it was a natural fit for Alison to combine her loves of teaching and fitness. In May 2009, she became a certified fitness instructor and began teaching Get RIPPED!, Spin, Step and Bootcamp classes. Alison is also actively involved in personal training and has been training clients of Jari Love Personal Fitness since January 2010, including 2 participants in the Get RIPPED! Bootcamp Celebrity Challenge. Alison’s passion for fitness also spans into nutrition and she has spent many years researching nutrition in primates, which she applies while helping run the Get RIPPED! Bootcamp diet and meal planning seminars. “I am so lucky to get to be part of the bootcamp team – helping people achieve their true potential is the most rewarding job of all!”

Bonnie Caldwell

AFLCA, Get RIPPED!, Get RIPPED! Ride & Get RIPPED! Cardio GX Certified Fitness Instructor

Bonnie started as an avid Get RIPPED! participant in 2007. After she realized she was addicted to it she became a Get RIPPED! Instructor in 2010 and has loved every minute of it. She enjoys keeping active and has tried a multitude of sports from sea kayaking to Team Dodgeball! Bonnie’s love of learning has led her to work on her M.Ed. Her passions include running, weight training, nutrition, teaching and her family. As a classroom teacher with the CBE, Bonnie appreciates the energy she gets from exercise and shares the “healthy body, healthy mind” attitude with her students. She looks forward to continuing to explore new and fun ways to stay healthy and strong and encouraging others to do the same.

Brittany Hale

Assistant to Jari Love, BComm Mktg, Get RIPPED! & AFLCA Certified Fitness Instructor & Level 2 Certified BodyMind Nutritionist

Brittany started working with Jari in May 2007 while completing her Bachelors of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary. She has since become a Get RIPPED! Certified fitness instructor and has obtained AFLCA certifications in Resistance Training, Spin, Step and Hi-low Choreography. Brittany has been involved with Jari’s DVD projects as well as personal training and has worked with clients in two Get RIPPED! Weight Loss Challenges that were followed by a local television station. Brittany is also involved in training sports teams and organizing Jari Love’s Get RIPPED! Bootcamp and Cardio GX Programs. As a Level 2 Certified BodyMind Nutritionist, Brittany is always seeking new opportunities to learn more about nutrition and hopes to use her knowledge to further help clients and participants reach their goals. While working as Jari Love’s assistant, Brittany has been able to embrace her passions and participate in a multitude of exciting projects. She continues to work with Jari in the development of new programs and concepts in order to help others achieve success and improve their quality of life

Cory Fagan

BPE (Hons), MSc

Cory is the Director of Peak Power Sport Development at SAIT in Calgary. Cory has two degrees in Exercise Physiology from the University of Calgary (BPE (Hons) and MSc.). Cory initially specialized in weight training and sport science testing and in the last 5 years has moved into studying and participating in Endurance Sports like marathons and Ironman competitions. Cory enjoys skiing, weight lifting, hockey, skijoring (with dogs), and beers with the staff every week. Cory worked with Jari at the Peak Performance lab to measure the physical adaptations that occur within the RIPPED! workout. The lab performed Volume of Oxygen Consumption (VO2) testing with a metabolic cart using the RIPPED! workout as the exercise protocol. The discoveries resulting from this testing explain why the RIPPED! workout gets such fantastic results! Cory has provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the RIPPED! program.

Michelle Milot

BSc. Kin, Get RIPPED! & AFLCA Certified Fitness Instructor

Michelle’s enthusiasm for health and wellness shows in everything she does. Her involvement in Group Fitness classes, particularly Get RIPPED! & Spin began in 2004 as a dedicated participant. Michelle rapidly moved her status to an instructor. Michelle’s most recent passion began in 2006 when she did her first sprint distance triathlon. Passion for the sport rapidly grew which brought her to competing in Ironman Canada in 2008. In May of 2009 she took on another Ironman in Brazil and took home 2nd place in her category. She has now completed five Ironman’s to date, including the Ironman World Championships! Most recently she competed in Ironman South Africa where she placed 2nd in her age group. Michelle currently works in Calgary as a gym manager, personal trainer and group fitness instructor teaching Get RIPPED!, Spin and Core classes as well as triathlon coaching. Michelle also has a huge passion for helping and inspiring those less fortunate through fitness and triathlon which shoes in her role as Direct of Spirit and Inspirational Events with Mercury Rising Triathlon.

Natalie Carrington

B.Arts.Sc., D.C., D.Ac., C.A.F.C.I.

Dr. Natalie Carrington graduated summa cum laude from McMaster University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts and Science. From there, Natalie pursued her studies in Toronto, graduating magna cum laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1994. In the summer of 1992, Natalie completed her diploma of acupuncture at the Open International University in Columbo, Sri Lanka. From 1994 until 2000, Natalie taught various courses for the massage therapy program at Mount Royal College, including anatomy, pathology, and sports massage. During this time, she also completed 3 of 4 years toward a fellowship in Chiropractic Sports Sciences. In the past 4 years, Natalie became certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute in anatomical acupuncture, as well as certified in Gokavi transverse technique, a new form of acupuncture dry needling.

Presently, Dr. Carrington resides and works in the Foothills area southwest of Calgary. Natalie, and her husband Dr. Greg Morris, own the Diamond Valley Chiropractic Clinic in Black Diamond, Alberta. Their clinic is situated in the Sheep River Centre which also houses a large fitness centre, an organic restaurant, and many more health disciplines. Natalie and Greg live south of Bragg Creek with their two wonderful children, Mahala and Jonah.

Randy Johnson


Dr. Johnson completed a PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Calgary in 1993. After a five year stint in Lethbridge as the Executive Director of Crossroads Counseling Center, Dr. Johnson returned to Calgary where he founded Master’s Counseling Services and co-founded Personal Health Planning Institute. He has provided psychological services for over 25 years through various formats including individual, marital, and family counseling, group workshops and instructional seminars. Dr. Johnson is married and has four sons.