Karen Nimchuk Jari Love Success Story

I am officially down 14.7 lbs. For the first time in nearly 20 years I can say that I’m starting to like what I see in the mirror. I’ve been very shy about “telling my story” because I’ve tried it all – Weight watchers, the gym, personal trainer, you name it. But RIPPED! is different. Not only do I think the workouts are fantastic, and completely changing my body shape, but the nutrition advice and support are the key for me.

Coming from a place where I was embarrassed and ashamed of my body after a teenage pregnancy at 15, I always told myself that I deserved a large stomach, and stretch marks, etc. because of the choices I made at a young age. Now, FINALLY, I am ready to admit that my body image is changing and I’m proud of myself for sticking with this. I’m shedding away layers that are more than just fat, and my story about my body is becoming more positive and hopeful. I’m not just someone with a strong “heart” or “soul”- soon I’m going have the strong body too! And I owe it all to the Get RIPPED! Program, and Crystal for introducing it to me. What I’m enjoying most is the unpredictable workouts, and the relationships and support from both the trainers and participants. Most importantly, for me the Get RIPPED! Bootcamp program is not just changing my body- it’s changing my life. Thanks guys!

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