Karen McGrath Jari Love Success StoryI have lost 57 lbs and counting! How did I do it? Let me tell you. I originally started with changes in my diet but then found that I got stuck at a certain weight and couldn’t lose any more. I was on a month long plateau, so I called Jari, since I was doing her DVDs at home. Along with changing my exercise, she gave me a diet plan.  I started eating every three hours, with lean protein and either fruit or veggies at every meal and really cut down on all of the carbs I was eating.  I also stopped eating at night and I found with eating every three hours, I didn’t have cravings for “junk” food as much.

Talking to Jari about my diet was a real eye opener for me.  I realized I was eating far too much food, even if it was good food, and I was eating some foods that just were not going to help me lose weight.  Diet is so important when losing weight.

My main motivation for losing weight was for my health and my children.  I had struggled with being depressed and with working night shifts.  I put on about 45 pounds with the combination of the two. I felt so unhealthy. I was tired all of the time and I felt really old.  In fact several people, strangers, had commented on me being a grandmother!  Also, I want to be around for my children: both of my parents had heart attacks when they were in their late forties and early fifties.  I didn’t want to put my girls through that. Finally, I decided that I need to start looking after myself. I think women often think they should be the last one cared for, well I have realized that I can care for others even better when I care for myself first.

I cannot describe how much better I feel!  I’ve stayed on track and continue to try and get some exercise every day, but a minimum of five days per week.  I try to do RIPPED! at least three times a week and I also try to get cardio in on alternate days.  Now that I am in better shape I have really increased the intensity of some of my workouts. Other days I do longer low intensity workouts.  The key for me is really mixing it up that way I don’t get bored and my body doesn’t know what to expect.  Also, I have some days that I workout with someone else – that way we are able to help challenge each other.

Support is key when it comes to weight loss and I am lucky in that I have had great support.  My family, friends and Jari have been my biggest supporters.  Most people can’t believe that I was as heavy as I was, and I didn’t tell them, but now that they know how much I have lost, they are so complimentary.  One of the ladies at work said, “It’s just so great; we have our own success story right here at work!”  My brothers saw me for the first time in a while and just looked in awe – that was a wonderful feeling!  Jari has been great at keeping me going, some days are harder than others and she’ll be so positive that it keeps me motivated.  From the first time that I met her she has made me feel like I can do anything!

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