Get RIPPED! Instructor Series: RELEASES

As a Get RIPPED! Certified Instructor you qualify to have access to the new Get RIPPED! Instructor Series: RELEASES.

For each release you’ll be provided with streaming video, downloadable program manuals and choreography and have to access to corresponding program music.

There are NO ongoing monthly fees. You just pay a one fee for the release that you want to have access to. The current Get RIPPED! Instructor Series: Releases are:

  • Get RIPPED! 96-2
  • Get RIPPED! To The Core – 1
  • Get RIPPED! 1000 – 1
  • Get RIPPED! SLIM & LEAN – 1
  • Get RIPPED! & JACKED – 1
  • Get RIPPED! 96 – 3
  • Get RIPPED! 1000 – 2
  • Get RIPPED!1000 – 3

Get RIPPED! Instructor Series: Releases


Get RIPPED! 96-3!

Get ready for Get RIPPED! 96-3!

The Endurance phase of Jari Love’s award-winning Get RIPPED! workout reaches new levels in her latest workout, Get RIPPED! 96-3. The high-repetition compound exercises featured in both Get RIPPED! 96-1 and 96-2 are combined with active recovery and minimum rest between sets to make 96-3 a total body workout guaranteed to maximize fat loss, rev up the heart rate, sculpt the body and build endurance.

Created by using scientific research, Get RIPPED! 96-3 is designed to achieve maximum results in in weeks. Through high repetitions of compound exercises, combined with active recovery and minimum rest between sets, Get RIPPED! 96-3 produces a caloric expenditure similar to running on a treadmill. As a high-intensity, resistance training workout, Get RIPPED! 96-3’s “after-burn” effect will have your clients burning calories long after they have left the gym. As an added bonus, muscle endurance and growth are promoted by using high repetition exercises that encourage lactic acid production to achieve the muscle definition your clients are striving for.

Each of the 10 tracks in Get RIPPED! 96-3 takes your clients through 2 compound exercises per track. Simple choreography makes it easy for your clients to follow along, and auditory cues make sure you never lose count of your repetitions. Modifications are shown for every fitness level. High-energy hit music motivates your class and engages all participants!


Bonus – Love notes. You will learn key tips on how to teach 96-3, more effectively! Get RIPPED! 96-3 is eligible for CEC credits with CANFITPRO and AFLCA, AFAA and NASM. CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW


  1. Walking on Sunshine – 135 Katrina and the Waves
  2. Make Them Bounce – 135 Delayers
  3. Applause – 135 Lady Gaga
  4. Stomping System (Factory Club Mix) – 135 JS16
  5. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – 135 ABBA
  6. Somebody – 135 Natalie La Rose featuring Jeremih
  7. Smash – 135 Ummet Ozcan
  8. Can You Hear Me – 135 Enrique Iglesias
  9. Shake Señora – 135 Pitbull featuring T-Pain and Sean Paul
  10. See You Again Cool Down Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Put


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