Workout Before You Pig Out

There’s so much that you have to do before the holidays in Calgary, Canada, with the highlights being family, friends, gifts and a huge feast for everyone. Even if you spend hours of vigorous shopping on Boxing Day, it won’t be enough to work off all those calories you consumed. What’s the best way to deal with those pesky calories. Should you skip the delicious meals altogether? One option is to workout before you pig out and another is to find ways to eat smarter and healthier.

There are benefits to working out before, during and after the holidays.

Working out can certainly burn calories and help you build muscle tissue that boosts your metabolism. The holidays are a stressful time and that stress can make you dread every day that should be fun and enjoyable. Working out helps burn off those hormones created by stress and bring your emotional level back down to comfortable and peaceful. If you find you’re ready to explode, it’s time to workout hard until you feel better.

You’ll enjoy your meal more when you workout first.

Start the holidays right with a workout. You’ll need to eat something before you do. If you have two or three hours before you workout or go for a run, eat a full meal that has carbs, protein and high quality fat. That could be toast with an avocado mash used in place of butter and an egg omelet. If you’re short on time, beginning your workout within the hour, take it easy on your stomach and stick with some yogurt and fruit or an apple with peanut butter. Your workout will be better and you’ll be ready to enjoy a feast. Make sure that your feast occurs within the next two hours. Everything will taste so much better.

Just because you worked out, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a family walk together.

A nice walk after a meal brings benefits for the whole family. It should be part of everyone’s celebration. Don’t worry if you worked out in the morning. A brisk walk won’t add to your workout stress and can burn fat without burning muscle tissue. It’s relaxing, assists in recovery and for those who ate too much, which means about everyone around the holiday table, can aid digestion. It will give you a time to really enjoy the decorations of the neighborhood and the conversations that spontaneously occur during a walk.

  • Working out certainly can help you get back to normal and really enjoy the holidays, but not every stressful situation occurs when you have time to go to the gym. For those times, use what’s available to take a break from the stress. Run up and down the stairs. Take a brisk walk. Get physical.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate. You should hydrate before your workout, during and after it. Before you head for the holiday spread, drink an 8-ounce glass of water. It fills you up so you eat less.
  • If you take a family walk after the meal, don’t serve dessert. Save that for when you get back. Everyone will be ready for a treat, so it helps prevent doubling up on dessert.
  • If the weather is bad, it shouldn’t be a problem. Take a Jari Love “Get Ripped” video with you and have a quick session before the meal with the whole family. It can be fun and help others get on their own path to fitness.
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