What’s In My Gym Bag

A lot of the people that workout to my videos do so at home, so they don’t normally have a gym bag. Some people have workout buddies, alternating between homes. In that case, you either go dressed to workout or do have one. I suggest everyone have their “gym bag” whether they workout at home or not. It just means having the proper workout clothing and extras at hand when you exercise.

No matter how you dress, in the most fashionable workout clothes, or your ten-year old sweats, comfort is important.

What you wear does count, but not necessarily for the fashion, but for the fit. Your clothing should allow you to move comfortably, without binding or chaffing occurring as you workout. A simple T-shirt and pair of gym shorts from high school is just as good as the most expensive designer workout clothing. It should be made of breathable fabric that allows your body heat to release. There are newer fabrics that wick sweat away from your body, too. If you wear cotton, your sweat won’t evaporate as fast. Tops made of spandex, polypropylene, polyester blends and materials meant to wick sweat away from the body, while also letting the material breathe is important.

Your workout shoes are extremely important.

If running is part of your workout, great running shoes are a must. When you run, you pound your feet and joints, which can cause injury. Running shoes prevent that by acting like shock absorbers. Not only do you need good shoes for running, but also if you’re doing high impact exercises that have the same pounding effect as running does. Your shoes need to fit right or you’ll find you have blisters that impede working out for a few weeks.

Compression clothing can help with the recovery process.

Compression clothing is used by a wide variety of professional athletes. Several studies show it not only helps improve performance, but also aids in recovery. At one time, compression clothing was only used by people with circulation problems and problems with their veins. In fact, it’s why they were designed. They stimulate blood flow and circulation and that helps with the recovery process. When worn after working out, compression clothing can help reduce inflammation and by doing that, reduce soreness. If you can afford this type of clothing, there are no negatives, only benefits.

  • One big advantage of working out at home is that you can workout barefoot. You’ll improve your balance, have less joint pain, improve the alignment of your body and prevent injury.
  • Don’t wear restrictive clothing or any type of clothing that’s too tight. A tight cotton shirt, which doesn’t have give, can cause your breathing to be restricted and cause you to have more difficulty breathing.
  • Your gym bag, or virtual gym bag if you’re working out at home, should contain a bottle of water. You should have water close by and sip on it throughout your workout.
  • Even if you’re working out at home, having a great looking workout outfit can boost your confidence and make you feel like you’re a pro. While it’s not necessary, if you really want one, make it a reward for hitting one of your goals.

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