Top Fat Burning Foods

Imagine, eating all you want and still losing weight. It’s the perfect dream to find fat burning foods that allow you to do it. There are thermogenic foods, food that increases the amount of calories the body burns. When you eat food, the digestive tract speeds up the contractions, digestive juices increase and the nutrients in the food burn energy when they’re absorbed. That increase that uses energy, also producing heat, is called thermogenesis. While there is no diet you could eat constantly that would burn more calories than you consume, there are some foods that use a lot of calories in digestion and increase the amount of calories you burn.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

While chicken will help you lose weight, eggs have been proven to increase thermogenesis. Not only are they filled with nutrition, they help you shed those extra pounds. One study shows that eating three eggs for breakfast not only reduces the amount of calories you eat during the day, it also

helps reduce body fat. In one study comparing people who ate a three egg breakfast with those who ate a bagel showed the body fat of the egg group was reduced by 16 percent more. Don’t worry about your cholesterol levels either. Whole eggs actually provide more protection for people at risk of heart disease. The protein helps you feel fuller, while it increases your body’s metabolic rate as much as 35% for several hours after eating them.

Green tea should be on your “must drink” list this summer.

Whether you drink it cold or hot, green tea boosts the calories you burn. Make it icy cold and you’ll burn even more calories, because your body needs a warm up after drinking the ice cold beverage. Green tea contains caffeine, but also EGCG, which promotes fat burning, especially belly fat. Green tea also provide health benefits, besides boosting the amount of calories you burn.

Chili peppers increase the burn of more than your mouth tissues.

That heat from the chili comes from the capsaicin in the pith and ribs of the chili pepper. Studies show that not only can the capsaicin increase the calories you burn, it also can prevent the metabolic slowdown that often occurs when you eat less. Capsaicin also makes you feel fuller and reduces your appetite. One mega study showed that capsaicin can increase the calories you burn by 50 a day, while also reducing your appetite. That’s a spicy solution to weight loss!

Sprinkle hemp seeds on your cereal to boost your metabolism. It contains alpha-linolenic acids that increase your metabolism. Pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts also contain it.

Don’t skimp on the fat when it comes to Greek yogurt. Full fat Greek yogurt not only reduces appetite, improves digestive health and keeps muscles protected when losing weight, it increases fat burning, too.

Maybe grandma was right. A little apple cider vinegar can improve your health and help you lose weight. It can help decrease appetite, help reduce body fat, particularly belly fat, and improve blood sugar and insulin levels. Consider a teaspoon in an eight ounce glass of water for a start.

Grab a cup of Jo to boost your metabolism. It’s well known that drinking a cup of coffee before working out can improve your session, but coffee also can boost the amount of calories you burn, according to recent studies.

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