Stay Hydrated This Winter

It’s easy to remember to drink a glass of cold water when it’s hot outside. You’re hot, sweaty and it just seems natural. However, when it’s colder, drinking water doesn’t feel as natural. That makes it harder to stay hydrated in the winter, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important. Your body is composed primarily of water. It’s 55% to 65% water based on your age and sex. Of course, those who are older have less fluid. So the older you get, the more dehydration becomes a problem. Water is necessary for many bodily functions that keep you alive and well.

Drink water if you want to lose weight.

You may hear a lot about water weight and didn’t realize that drinking water could actually help you lose weight, even water weight. People who are dehydrated tend to retain water because the body hoards it in an attempt to prevent too much of a loss or it getting too low. Sometimes, when you’re thirsty, you might not know you’re thirsty, but feel like you’re hungry. You’ve had those times, everyone has. Going from refrigerator to cupboard, trying to figure out what you want. Maybe you’ve settled on ice cream or something juicy. You might have found yourself satisfied if you drank a glass of water. It may be dehydration and a botched message from your brain. Try it. If nothing else, the water may actually make you feel fuller so you won’t eat as much.

Dehydration will interfere with many bodily functions.

If you’re dehydrated, not all parts of your body are functioning at peak performance. Even long term mild dehydration can have serious consequences. Water controls and regulates your body’s temperature. It is one of the basic building blocks of cells. If you’re even slightly dehydrated, it makes going to the bathroom difficult and if you don’t urinate or defecate, you aren’t eliminating waste. Water keeps your joints lubricated and even acts like shock absorbers for the brain.

Do you want a quicker picker-upper?

When you’re worn out or it’s late at night, you might reach for a cup of coffee for a boost of energy. Instead, try a glass of water. You’ll find it gives you a boost of energy and helps you feel more awake. Do your muscles ache or do you feel run down? Try rehydrating with a tall glass of water. If you’re feeling muscle fatigue and general exhaustion, take a quick break from your workout and get a bottle of water. You should feel better almost immediately. You need about eight glasses of water a day and at least 16-ounces of water about two hours before you workout.

  • Do you want to look younger? Having great looking skin can help. If you say adequately hydrated, it could shave years off your complexion and prevent premature wrinkles from drying.
  • What organs have the most water? The lungs are 83% water, with the muscles and kidneys at 79%. That’s followed by the brain and heart at 73%.
  • Older people dehydrate faster and some of the symptoms are ones you might not expect. Mental confusion and UTIs are often the result. Lack of fluid prevents the flushing of bacteria that causes UTIs. The mental confusion can be mistaken as dementia.
  • One weight loss tip that’s easy to do is drinking a glass of water before a meal. It fills you up and you’ll eat less. If you make that water cold, your body will burn extra calories trying warm it.

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