Weight Loss Plan -Thin by the Weekend

Can you get thinner in as little time as seven days? Absolutely! Whether your goal is to lose more than twenty pounds or you want to hit those last five, you most certainly can shed a noticeable amount of weight in as little as a week. However, you want to do this in a way that is safe and reasonable. This means you must understand that it is realistic to shed around one pound per day AND that it is most likely going to be water weight and stored toxins that are eliminated following the plan we provide.

Should you want to continue with this weight loss regimen, you can do so safely and effectively. However, you will need to implement the few small “tweaks” that we provide at the end.

So, how can you get thin (or thinner) by the weekend? You will do it in two very distinct phases – the first is through a day of drinking our Kale Smoothies (along with lots of fresh water). The second phase is the Fitness Model method.

Generally, fitness models will eat a minimal carb diet for two weeks, and then a no carb diet for two weeks before switching back to the minimal carb plan. They also do what is known as “carb loading” at least one (but usually twice) a week. This is a day when healthy carbs are allowed at each meal, and which gives them a good stockpile of energy for the remainder of the week.

To use this for a seven day plan is simple – you simply do the first day with the smoothies, then switch two days of minimal carb eating. Do one carb load day, and then no carbs for the remainder of the week. The plan also requires that you do a mix of cardio and strengthening exercises each day (for at least an hour).

It would look like this:

Weight Loss Plan Day One: Three smoothies, lots of water, one hour of brisk exercise and stretching. A Kale Smoothie includes 1 scoop whey powder, 3 cups kale, 2 cups mango, 1/2 coconut water, 1 cup ice, 1 1/2 cups water, blended until smooth.

Weight Loss Plan – Day Two and Three: Minimal carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potato – but no more than three servings in a day. One hour of brisk exercise and stretching

Weight Loss Plan – Day Four: Carb load day – add bananas, green beans, and whole grains to the diet. One hour of brisk exercise and stretching

Weight Loss Plan – Days Five through Seven No carbs. One hour of brisk exercise and stretching.  The foods permitted for these days would include lean protein, protein powders, eggs, high fiber and low starch vegetables (mostly green), healthy fats (such as nut butters, olive oil, and avocado), whole grains (no more than 1/2 per serving). You would skip fruits to keep carbs to minimal levels too. Once the seven days were finished you could add more vegetables and fruit to the plan, and even some nonfat dairy in place of protein.

In seven days, you can shed seven pounds and feel fit and trim for the weekend or beyond!

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