Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Using hypnosis and visualization, people have overcome many bad habits and even improved their performance at work, reduce pain and overcome anxiety and depression. When you consider that much of weight loss comes from changing bad habits and even changing your attitude, it only makes sense that hypnotherapy for weight loss can be a powerful aid to help you reach your goals. It can help you change habits like unhealthy eating patterns and even your attitude toward exercise.

Hypnosis is not a quick fix, but an aid to your efforts to lose weight.

Don’t expect to be hypnotized and weight to magically disappear. It doesn’t work that way. Instead, it is a powerful aid to help you in changing your eating habits. One controlled study on people with sleep apnea showed that using hypnotherapy, plus diet advice to help weight loss, which improved sleep apnea symptoms, resulted in a larger percentage of weight loss compared to the group that used only diet advice after 18 months. While there are few studies using only hypnotherapy without any diet or exercise counseling, those that use it in conjunction with other efforts show far better results.

When you use hypnotherapy, you’re using your sub-conscious mind to help bring results.

For years, you’ve probably been programmed with negative ideas about your weight, nutrition and even exercise. Hypnotherapy helps you learn how to overcome those negative thoughts and start viewing the world through a different perspective. You are what you think you are. If you believe everyone hates you, you’re going to see even kind remarks as negative and respond in kind. That certainly isn’t a way to make friends. That belief will turn into a reality. It’s all about your perspective. If you believe you can’t lose weight, ultimately, you’ll do something to make that belief come true, like raid the refrigerator at two in the morning or quit exercising completely.

Hypnotherapy isn’t magic, it’s logical.

It took a long time to develop negative beliefs about yourself and many are buried in your sub-conscious. Through a program of imagery, positive affirmations and opening up of the sub-conscious mind, you can deprogram all the negative and focus on positive results. If you’ve ever had an interview, a speech or an athletic endeavor that you knew would fail, you could probably go back and pinpoint the place it did. In fact, you fretted over it before you went into the endeavor. Had you relaxed and visualized success and all the steps it took for that success, the results may have been different. You focused on the negative and that’s what you got. Changing your focus is what hypnotherapy is about.

  • Do you overeat when you have an emotional situation? Hypnotherapy can help you change that go-to pattern to one that’s healthier.
  • If you dread working out, you’re more likely to skip it. Working with a mind-body connection, you’ll learn to appreciate exercise and with that attitude change, no longer fight yourself to exercise.
  • One of the reasons people often fail is that they don’t believe they can succeed, or even deserve to succeed. Working with your sub-conscious can help you improve your self-image and lead to more confidence when it comes to weight loss and even life itself.
  • Learning imagery, self-hypnosis and other mind techniques can help you improve your reaction to stress in your life, achieve your fitness goals and aid in making life-altering changes for your health.

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