How To Social Distance While Exercising

If you use my video for workouts at home, you’re probably already social distance while exercising. However, some of the people that use these DVDs also workout with friends that aren’t part of their immediate family. It makes it more fun when you have a workout partner. Initially, it was thought that six feet was enough to protect you from virus containing droplets, but there’s been some question whether that was far enough if you’re breathing hard and running. It’s all about airflow around your moving body. For most types of exercise, six feet is adequate. Spread out further if you choose, for increased safety, since masks shouldn’t be worn during workouts.

Get the effect of the group without the contact.

Nobody says you can’t do a zoom group. Working out with others provides huge benefits. It makes it more fun, keeps you accountable and even encourages better form and a better workout. It would be sad to give that all up when there’s technology that lets you workout together. Call friends and make it a scheduled time for exercise. You can use my DVDs for the programs.

Workout with the kids and your family.

You’ll be benefiting everyone and providing family fun. It doesn’t have to be traditional exercise. You can play active games, shoot hoops or just go for runs. Biking is a good option for the whole family. Try to find a way to do it in a less populated area, like a park or outdoor track. Choose a wildlife area for walks or get creative at home and create your own workout class.

Stick around the house and workout on projects.

You can workout alternating days and build your endurance for some of those great projects you’ve been hoping to do when you got time. Organize the projects and break them down to half hour to hour long sessions and then move as fast as you can to do them, for maximum benefits. It can be gardening, raking the yard or even painting the house. Just don’t try to do everything at one time.

  • Don’t wear a mask if you’re working out. It not only makes it harder to breathe, your sweat wets the mask and encourages the growth of microorganisms that can make you sick from something different.
  • The exercises on my DVD require no equipment, so they’re perfect when you choose not to go to the gym, even when it’s safe to go. It’s never too late to get started and can be a great backup when you’re ready to exercise with the public, but your schedule says otherwise.
  • Create your own weights with water bottles, detergent bottles and even cans. You can fill the water bottles and detergent bottles with sand or water to get the weight you want. Exercise bands are also good for strength building.
  • If you’re working from home or helping the kids with virtual learning, take frequent breaks and do a few exercises. Studies show you need to move at least five minutes of moving around every hour and shouldn’t sit for more than 55 minutes straight.

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