Train At Your Own Fitness Level

It’s not easy working out on your own. You want to get the maximum benefit from the workout time you have. That means you have to train at your own fitness level. If the workout is too hard, you either won’t be able to do it or you’ll try so hard you’ll compromise your form. Having the right form for any exercise is important. It can make the difference in how effective it is and even help prevent injuries. Making your workout too easy will still bring benefits, but not as many. It won’t take you to the next level of fitness unless you push yourself a little.

You have several different types of fitness.

It even gets more confusing. Let’s say that you’re really strong. You can lift twice as much as most people your size and gender. That means you have a high fitness level in strength, at least for the upper body. You may have weaker legs and a low level of fitness when it comes to endurance and flexibility. Strength without flexibility is just asking for injury. You have four types of fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. All are important for overall fitness. Plus, you have to identify whether all the muscle groups are up to par. Weaker muscle groups cause other muscles to take over their tasks. Again, that can mean injury.

Knowing your fitness level of all types of fitness and weaker muscle groups is just a start.

Not only do you have to know your fitness level for all types of fitness and be able to identify those muscle groups that aren’t as strong as others or areas where you have limited flexibility, you also have to know what to do about them once you identify them. Knowing which exercises will give you the boost you need in that area and which exercises are the most efficient is tough.

That’s where a personal trainer steps in and does the work for you.

I became a personal trainer because I knew I had something important to offer everyone. It was my knowledge. Not only knowing the body, but ways to help clients get back to the way they were meant to look and feel is extremely rewarding for both my clients and me. I choose exercises that give you more for your workout time. They provide a total body workout that hits all areas of fitness.

  • Many people find that when they workout on their own, they seldom change the intensity or number of repetitions of their workout. As a trainer, I’m constantly assessing clients to ensure they move to the next level when they’re ready.
  • If you find you’re plateauing, it may be that you’ve used the same workout for far too long. The body becomes efficient at specific moves when you do them too often, so it burns fewer calories and you lose less weight.
  • It’s not always easy to stick with a program, even if it’s perfect, when you’re working out alone. That’s why the help of a personal trainer is important.
  • If you’re a busy person, you may have time to workout, but not the extra time it takes to get to the gym and back. It’s not a problem. We come to you if you want us to do that. It frees up more time for you and ensures you stick with the program.

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