Do you need motivation for exercise?  A lot of people begin a diet and fitness regimen with full commitment. In fact, some might say that a lot of people begin with too much commitment. Perhaps this is one of the key reasons that people “go off” their programs early on.

Another problem where motivation is concerned is that a lot of people get into a very fixed fitness and dieting regimen that allows them develop what I like to call the “Scarlett O’Hara attitude”, which means that they “don’t think about it now…[they’ll] think about it tomorrow”.

This lets them begin to blow off workouts, cheat on diets, and generally derail all of their hard work.

All of these things happen more often than I could say, and so it is imperative that you develop some serious motivational tools well ahead of beginning your new weight loss or workout routines.

How do you do that? You plan for change.

Here is what I mean: If you are going to design your own fitness routine, or even if you are working directly with a fitness professional, talk about the ways that you are going to “mix things up” and make changes periodically. Roughly every two to three weeks you should be planning to take a new direction, bump up your intensity, or add something entirely new to the program.

This guarantees that your body and mind cannot enter into an auto pilot mode that usually leads to a loss of motivation in general. What I do is begin with a routine that is already a nice mix meant to prevent any plateaus and to establish a program pretty much designed for change.

Here is a good example:

I will book cardio for Monday, upper body strengthening for Tuesday, cardio for Wednesday, lower body strength for Thursday, cross training on Friday, and then I let myself go wild on Saturday. Whatever I want – it could be 40 minutes of spinning and a Pilates class in the afternoon, it could be high intensity training for an hour, whatever I want as long as it is a real jolt out of the routine.

All of the same applies to your diet. Be prepared to meet challenges created by boredom and routine. Try new foods that fall within your guidelines and never believe that there are certain things that qualify strictly as breakfast foods, etc. This will help you remain on target providing motivation for exercise and diet!



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