Find Your Confidence

There’s a lot of reasons that working out and eating healthy can help you find your confidence. With my clients in Calgary, Canada, I see an amazing difference in each person from the impression I get when they start and one when they’ve reached their goals. Not all people lack confidence or at least seem like they lack it, but when they finally reach their goals, they have a more relaxed appearance and manner than they did when they started. These people are the lucky ones who started out either able to fake it or feeling confident in the first place.

Creating a plan and achieving a goal is a real boost in confidence.

When you first start your program with me, we discuss what you want to achieve and then you set goals and work on the ways to achieve those fitness goals. Nothing builds confidence like the success of achieving a goal and getting fit is one way to boost your confidence. I’ve had clients who have never been able to shed those extra pounds and who beat themselves up mentally come in for help. Once they start seeing progress, you’d be amazed at how their attitude changes and how good they feel about themselves.

Working out helps you look more confident.

You’ll improve your posture when you workout and that makes you look more confident. There’s an old saying in sales, “fake it until you can make it.” It means if you act confident, eventually you’ll become confident. There are many reasons for this. One is simply changing your posture actually makes you feel more like taking on a challenge. The other is that you appear to others as being more confident and they treat you differently. How people view you changes how they treat you. How they treat you changes how you act. It’s all about looking more confident.

You’ll feel and look better.

Nothing makes you feel more confident than knowing you look fabulous. Losing weight and toning your muscles gives you improved self-esteem and that translates to new found confidence. You’ll face situations with new people differently, feeling good about your appearance, rather than trying to fade into the background. Your self-talk will be different and far more positive. That makes a huge difference in your life. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the definition of being confident.

  • Believe it or not, feeling stronger can make you feel more confident. You definitely will change your attitude from victim to victor.
  • Chase away stress and feel good about yourself with a tough workout that burns off the hormones of stress and gets you on the road to feeling great.
  • When you have more energy, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Working out regularly and eating healthy is a great way to boost your energy level.
  • Improving your cognitive skills and thinking faster is a confidence builder. Exercise helps build new neural pathways and boosts your cognitive skills to improve your confidence.

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