Discover The Hidden You

Working out and eating healthy gives you a chance to discover the hidden you. Nobody should be defined by their bodies, but too often people are. When you workout and eat healthy, you get into shape. You’ll look and feel great, but that good feeling comes from the sense of accomplishment. It comes from knowing how you and you alone were responsible for making those changes that took you from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one and made the difference in how you look.

The hidden you is a person that knows that anything is possible when you set a goal.

Maybe you never set a goal before or didn’t follow through with the ones you set. People often tell me they know all about goals, but they never can reach them. The reason they can’t is that they don’t set realistic goals, have a plan that helps them reach those goals or a time frame. In other words, they know about making wishes and hoping they’ll come true. Learning how to set achievable goals or break big goals down to smaller ones, create a plan of action in a specific time frame and then working hard to make it happen can release the hidden you that succeeds.

The hidden you has mental toughness.

Mental toughness is a concept that describes a person that’s willing to go the extra mile. It’s someone who continues on the path to success long after others might have quit. Mental toughness is pushing in the gym to achieve that final rep that means you’ve meant your goal for the day. It transfers over to daily life. That hidden you is successful because you persevere and continue until you reach your goals.

The hidden you is fit and energetic.

Yes, you’ll look great, but even more important is that you’ll feel great. Eating healthy and working out is the reason for that. When you give your body the fuel it needs, it’s healthier and you feel far better. Add in a program of regular exercise and you’ll see the difference more quickly. The body is amazing. The harder you work it, the more energy you have. The old you might have rusted out, but the hidden you will never rust or wear out.

  • Your skin will glow and you’ll look years younger, besides having a fit body. Healthy eating nourishes the skin and regular exercise improves circulation to send that nutrition to all parts of the body, including you skin.
  • You’ll walk with confidence. Not only does exercise improve your posture to give the appearance of confidence, when you succeed at reaching your fitness goal, it builds your confidence, too.
  • There’s a happier you inside that responds to working out. When you exercise, it burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel great.
  • The hidden you is bold and realizes that if you aren’t happy with something, such as your weight, fitness or other parts of your life, you don’t complain, you change it.

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