Burpees – Great Exercise to Love to Hate!

Exercise name:


Muscle Groups Worked:

Core muscles; Glutes/Quads/Hamstrings; Deltoids/Pectorals/Triceps/Erector spinae

Equipment Used:

Body weight

 Exercise Execution

Begin in a standing position.  Bend forward and place your hands on the floor in front of you.  Jump both feet back simultaneously, ensuring your core muscles are engaged and that your back is flat and strong, as in a plank position.  Jump both feet back to meet the hands, and jump upwards, raising your arms above you.  That’s one rep.

 Sets and Reps:

3 sets, 8-10 reps.

 Increase Intensity:

Try to do as many as you can in one minute!  Or, while down in your plank, add a push-up.


Make sure that you do a 5-10 minute circulatory warm-up  before starting your workout.  This will help prevent injury by  ensuring that the muscles are warm and ready for the challenges to come.

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