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I have clients who come to me in Calgary, Canada, to get the help they need for that perfect figure. However, if you want to build your dream body, you don’t have to do that. You can get the help right from the comfort of your home with my DVDs. Building a dream body takes more than just working hard and putting in the time. It takes the right type of workout and the right type of diet. It takes consistency. Everyone has different needs, but the process is always the same.

It starts with a healthy diet.

No matter how hard you work, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. If you find yourself nibbling on leftover holiday treats after you workout, you could be negating all the work you did. It only takes a three inch square of peppermint bark to increase your calorie count by 260 calories. Just one plain sugar cookie is 112 calories. A cup of hot chocolate is 192 calories and eggnog contains 224 calories. Depending on your present weight, amount of muscle mass and effort in the workout, you could burn between 90 calories and 355 in a half hour. If you had a cup of hot chocolate and a sugar cookie, it would more than a half hour just to burn off those calories.

Exercise not only tones you, builds that curvy sexy appearance, but also boosts your metabolism.

While you do need a healthy diet, that’s not negating the importance of exercise. Exercise does more than just burn calories while you do it and provide a shapely toned appearance, it boosts your metabolism. That’s because it takes more calories to maintain muscle tissue than it does to maintain fat tissue. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn 24/7 and the higher your metabolism is. Muscle mass also weighs more per cubic inch, so a person that has more muscle mass weighing 140 pounds will look thinner than someone with the same height and weight who has more fat tissue.

The key to a dream body is consistency and perseverance.

It takes a program of regular exercise to get the results, not just the occasional workout. Consistency is the key, whether it’s a consistently healthy diet or a program of regular exercise. How do you achieve that consistency? Tracking your progress is the key. Winners keep score. My Workout and Diet Tracker might be your key to success, but tracking your progress, no matter how you do it is important.

  • What you drink is as important as what you eat. Sugar colas contain almost 100 calories for 8-oz. Don’t switch to diet colas, since studies show they add belly fat. Instead, switch to water and flush your system with eight 8-oz glasses per day.
  • Get plenty of sleep. The body produces two hormones that affect your hunger. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone and leptin is the one that makes you feel full. Lack of sleep stimulates ghrelin production and minimizes leptin production.
  • Focus on form at first. How you do an exercise can affect how beneficial it is and its safety. You can pause the DVD to watch each step closely or back it up to ensure you did it correctly.
  • Schedule your workout like you would any appointment. If you can, workout with a friend. A workout buddy will hold you more accountable and provide even more motivation on those days you feel like skipping your workout.

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