Fitness fashion: Outfits taking women from the gym straight to the street

It’s Fashion Friday!!! My friend had told me once that when she’s wearing a great fashionable outfit to the gym, she could work out for hours more. It’s true, wearing workout clothes that you feel great in will help you have a better workout. Read this article for five tips on fitness fashion, go shopping, and have a great workout!

T-shirts and bulky sweatpants were about as trendy as the outfits got, and a person wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them anywhere but the gym.

But now, fitness fashions are a hot style and women are making style statements as they get busy with their workouts, and even afterward as they continue with their day.“More and more women are finding fun ways to be active, and whether she is a serious athlete or an aspirational one, she wants to look good,” said Nadine Rauer, Belk’s vice president/divisional merchandise manager of active and special sizes.Outside their workout routine, women aren’t afraid to keep on sporting borrowed-from-the-gym looks.

Lacey Stone, ambassador for fitness clothing company Carbon 38, said the new fitness trend is “athleisure.”“It’s the idea that you can wear clothes from the gym straight to the street,” she said.

“Multi-purpose clothing is an awesome idea for the busy woman on the go attacking the boardroom and life.”

Here are ffashionable workout topive tips for a fitness fashion, trendy workout or workout-inspired look:

1.Get in uniform: Rauer said today’s go-to exercise uniform is colorful printed capris with a matching sports bra and tank top. Other pieces, such as hooded tees, can easily be layered on top for a flexible on-the-go wardrobe.

2. Use sportif elements: “The more fashion forward girl who wants to jump on the sportif trend, but not head to the gym, will mix her athletic pieces with classic sportswear, making her comfortable and on trend,” Rauer said.

3. Accentuate your “assets”: Put the focus of your outfit on the parts of your body you’re most comfortable with, Stone said. So if you have great legs, wear shorter shorts or make leggings your centerpiece. Choose a cool sleeveless tank if you’ve got awesome arms.

4. Disguise problem areas: Have an area you don’t love? Layer with a hoodie or wear a longer top. Stone suggested wearing a “funky pair of sneakers” if you want to take the attention away from your body. “Look at dressing for the gym the same way you dress to go out on the town; the same principles apply,” she said.

5. Find new motivation: A great workout outfit will motivate you to be get out and exercise.

When you’re shopping, look for items that would be practical for activity yet still look good if you’re running errands afterward, Elle magazine suggested – 5 hot fitness fashion trends

Neon and bright colors

Bold all-over patterns, including floral and animal prints

Pieces with cutouts

Mesh panels on clothing

Tanks with deep arm holes


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